We are excited to finally see color in the greenhouse, but even more excited to see our friends and customers!

Pssst... Spring Started On March 20th

With this weather, sometimes it's hard to tell. Luckily, the flowers blooming in our greenhouses offers a major hint! We will have many new arrivals that we know you will enjoy! 

This year we will have more fruit trees than ever before! Not only will there be more in stock, but there will be even more variety. The nursery will have peaches, apples, plums, pears, apricots, cherries and many, many more! 

Rosy Tea Cups Dogwood

We can't wait to showcase our new dogwood variety!

Rosy Tea Cups' late spring bloom is a definite way to forget all about those cold, weary winter months. Light pink petals outlined in a vibrant purple make the Rosy Tea Cups Dogwood stand out in any yard, whether it's nestled by your home or lining a driveway. And it's not just its color that makes this new variety one-of-a-kind; The flowers are larger and there are many, many more of them! 

We will also have many new varieties of hydrangea, including the Seaside Serenade Bar Harbor Hydrangea, pictured below.