Spring Is In the Air

So many exciting things are happening in our nursery! Trees, shrubs and flowers are finally showing off their vibrant spring colors!

After a very bleak winter, the cool spring breeze and clear blue skies are the perfect backdrop to all of our beautiful spring-blooming plants. Visit our nursery to see hanging baskets, herbs and perennials bursting with colors. 


Whether covered in flowers or sporting bright leaves, our nursery has a large variety of unique, eye-catching trees, sure to inspire almost any landscape.  

We have many varieties available, including Briotii Red Horsechestnut, Crimson Cloud Hawthorn, Rising Sun Redbud and Kwanzan Flowering Cherry. 

Just In: Purple Enchantress Hydrangea

"The flowers change color based on the soil's pH level. If it's more acidic, the flower will be blue. If it's alkaline, the flower will be pink. They range in color from blue, lavender and pink when the soil is neutral." - Lynn, employee.